I'm a freelance photographer based in the Washington DC metro area, who specializes in music-related photography. Coming from a family of musicians and growing up playing music and singing, I have a deep love for the art of music. Eventually, I married a guitarist/songwriter, who also came from a family of very talented musicians. I spent many years being a roadie at his shows and helping promote his bands. Check out his newest project, Pop Co-Op, which just released its debut CD of all original music. Our house is always full of music, so it comes as no surprise that both our sons are musicians today: one is a songwriter and music producer/recording engineer in Atlanta and the other is a jazz pianist.

I was also totally fascinated by photographs and the art of capturing images, so much so that I hung out in my school's dark room. It is only natural that I combined my two passions -- music and photography. This allows me to express myself and work creatively while capturing others in their creative expressions. Of course, music isn't my ONLY photography interest. Check out my other works on my Images by Laura Lynn web site.

Although I am based in the Washington, DC metro area, I do get to San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Charlotte, Knoxville, and other areas of the country frequently. Feel free to inquire about when I might be in a location near you.